The Current Political Landscape in Travis County, TX

Learn about the current elected officials and political climate in Travis County, TX, and how it impacts the state of Texas.

The Current Political Landscape in Travis County, TX

Travis County, located in the heart of Texas, is home to the state capital of Austin and is known for its vibrant music scene, diverse culture, and thriving economy. But beyond its popular attractions, Travis County also plays a significant role in the political landscape of Texas.

The Importance of Politics in Travis County

As the fifth most populous county in Texas, Travis County has a significant impact on state politics. It is a Democratic stronghold in a predominantly Republican state, making it a crucial battleground for both parties. The county has a history of progressive policies and has been at the forefront of social and political change. Travis County is also home to several influential institutions, including the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State Capitol.

These institutions attract a diverse population of students, professionals, and politicians, making it a hub for political discourse and activism.

The Role of Elected Officials in Travis County

Travis County is governed by a Commissioners Court, which consists of four commissioners and a county judge. The county judge serves as the presiding officer and has both judicial and administrative responsibilities. The four commissioners are elected by precincts and are responsible for overseeing various county departments. In addition to the Commissioners Court, Travis County also has several elected officials who play critical roles in local government. These officials include the county clerk, district attorney, sheriff, tax assessor-collector, and constables.

County Clerk

The county clerk is responsible for maintaining records for the county, including birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and property records.

The current county clerk for Travis County is Dana DeBeauvoir, who has held the position since 1987.

District Attorney

The district attorney is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in the county. The current district attorney for Travis County is José Garza, who was elected in 2020. Garza is the first Latino to hold this position in Travis County.


The sheriff is responsible for maintaining law and order in the county and overseeing the county jail. The current sheriff for Travis County is Sally Hernandez, who was elected in 2016. Hernandez made history as the first woman and first openly gay person to hold this position in Travis County.

Tax Assessor-Collector

The tax assessor-collector is responsible for collecting property taxes and vehicle registration fees.

The current tax assessor-collector for Travis County is Bruce Elfant, who has held the position since 2012.


Travis County has five constables, each responsible for a specific precinct. These officials are responsible for serving legal documents, enforcing court orders, and providing security for county courts. The current constables for Travis County are George Morales (Precinct 1), Adan Ballesteros (Precinct 2), Stacy Suits (Precinct 3), Carlos Lopez (Precinct 4), and Maria Canchola (Precinct 5).

The Current Political Climate in Travis County

Travis County has long been a Democratic stronghold, with the majority of its residents voting for Democratic candidates in local, state, and national elections. In the 2020 presidential election, Travis County voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, with over 71% of the vote. However, despite its Democratic leanings, Travis County has also seen its fair share of political controversies.

In recent years, the county has been at the center of debates surrounding immigration policies, criminal justice reform, and voting rights.

Immigration Policies

Travis County has been a leader in progressive immigration policies, with the county sheriff's office implementing a policy in 2017 that limited cooperation with federal immigration authorities. This policy, known as the "sanctuary city" policy, sparked a legal battle between the county and the state of Texas, with the state attempting to block the policy. The case eventually made its way to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Travis County.

Criminal Justice Reform

Travis County has also been at the forefront of criminal justice reform efforts. In 2017, the county implemented a pretrial release program that aimed to reduce the number of people held in jail before trial.

This program has been successful in reducing the jail population and has become a model for other counties across the country.

Voting Rights

Travis County has also been a vocal advocate for voting rights, with officials pushing for policies that make it easier for residents to vote. In 2020, Travis County implemented a drive-thru voting system to accommodate voters during the COVID-19 pandemic. This system was challenged by Republicans but was ultimately upheld by a federal judge.

The Future of Politics in Travis County

As Travis County continues to grow and evolve, so will its political landscape. With an increasingly diverse population and a strong tradition of progressive policies, Travis County is likely to remain a Democratic stronghold for years to come. However, as with any political landscape, there will always be challenges and controversies.

As we have seen in recent years, Travis County is not afraid to take a stand on important issues and fight for what it believes is right.

Upcoming Elections

The next major election in Travis County will be the 2022 midterm elections, where several county positions will be up for grabs. These positions include county judge, commissioners, district attorney, and sheriff. As the county continues to grow and change, these elections will be crucial in shaping the future of politics in Travis County.


Travis County, TX, is a vibrant and diverse community that plays a significant role in the political landscape of Texas. With a strong tradition of progressive policies and a growing population, Travis County is a hub for political discourse and activism.

Its elected officials are responsible for shaping the county's future and advocating for its residents' best interests. As we look towards the future, it is clear that politics will continue to play a crucial role in Travis County's development and growth.

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